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Blitz Studio is a sister company of Blitz Management group of Simply Production




Simply was established on September 1997 in Bandung

with the name Simply Production,

which is a company that move in Photography

that includes models photo (outdoor and indoor),

documentation photo (seminar or other occasion), wedding photo

and also product photo which is used for commercial needed.


Not along since started, Simply Production got a great opportunity to

handle photography needed for a printing company which is well known in Bandung.

Since that, the photo that Simply often produce is product photo

that printing company used to made various media

such as calendar, brochure, catalogue, company profile and others.


Those product photo that Simply produced,

made Simply Production move to add some supporting efforts

such as Model Agency, which is the model is used to applying the product easier.

Last but not least, Simply developed as a Promotion and Advertising company.



Blitz Studio under Simply Production managed by

Yan Rianto,

Born in Jakarta

Graduated from Parahyangan University

Majoring Architecture



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